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powermaxx line

At PRONANOTEX, we strive to improve our offerings of bluechem products as they keep evolving to satisfy the growing demands and requirements for safe and effective products. Whether it’s cars, buses, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, boats, or a fleet of semi-trailer trucks; bluechem products maintain and extend the life of the engine, clean the fuel and oil systems by removing contaminates and deposits, as well as improve fuel efficiency. By using bluechem products, we can guarantee that our customers will get the best results. Maximum effectiveness, and at the same time, the protection of natural resources are our highest goals. PRONANOTEX is proud to be the exclusive distributor of bluechem products for Houston and surrounding areas. RACEAPPROVED, OEM approved, and TÜV certified. Race approved nanotechnology leader in engine care and maintenance.

A clean affair for both sides…

Through constant research the bluechemGROUP keeps their formulas up to date, and also test new biologically degradable substances and prepares them for market. This way, they can always satisfy the growing needs of our customers and reduce the contamination of the environment.

The following product line belongs to the bluechem products family:


The powermaxx product line within the bluechem products family contains products that are specifically designed for cleaning and maintaining different vehicles systems. With the help of our large product range you can take complete care of any vehicle. Whether it’s diesel or unleaded gasoline, the oil and engine systems, or the cooling system in your car. You will extend the life cycle of all your vehicles, be it cars, buses, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, or boats.

In addition to the fuel and oil systems cleaners, there are also technical aerosols available. One such aerosol product, Klimafresh, will clean and disinfects your air conditioning system and effectively removes any unpleasant odors. Bacteria, spores, mold, and micro organisms are quickly and effectively eliminated, which is necessary for people with allergies. In conclusion, if you need to clean, maintain or lubricate something – powermaxx stands for high quality and maximum efficiency!